Public sale launch:


There once was a crazy scientist who believed in different appearances for pumpkins. He always liked the idea of carving your own pumpkin for Halloween. So he thought, why not bring it to reality and have a living pumpkin as pet with their own differences. He began experimenting untill one day he found the perfect formula for worldwide adaption. He poured it over the biggest growing pumpkin gardens. Every day he came to visit the gardens hoping to see his formula work. But nothing happened, well that is what he thought.

Slowly the formula started working and the pumpkins began to grow special traits. The evolved pumpkins gained a reputation in the city and were named "Plumpkins". Now all those Plumpkins need a home. Who is gonna help the city out? They can be really rewarding when adopted and taken care of. You can adopt a pumpkin for 0.025 ETH.


Plumpkin NFT is a collection of 10.000 unique collectible NFTs that live on the ETH blockchain. We have 10 limited 1/1 NFTs, these will be the most valuable Plumpkins. They have extra rewards in our future coming Play2Earn game. They are hidden somewhere in our 10.000 plumpkin mint. We believe that building a strong community is important for building a bigger and more succesful NFT project.

We are trying to build something that has a greater impact on our NFTs than most other generative NFT projects. Therefore we are building an ecosystem around our plumpkins that includes our Play2Earn game with $PIE as cryptocurrency. Also will we be launching multiple generations and breeds to expand our commmunity. All earning $PIE. The more Plumpkins you got the more rewards you'll get!


Each Plumpkin is unique and generated from over 100 possible traits, including hat, leaves, eyes and faces. They all come with a cool background. Some traits are more rare than others en will appear less often.

Besides the traits there are 10 limited Plumpkins. These form a scene themselfs and have special traits.


Hire Discord members + giveaway

We will hire Discord community members and giveaway 3 unique Plumpkin NFT's 1/1.


Push heavy marketing

We will use our funds to push heavy marketing.


Transition into the Metaverse

We will be finalizing communications and begin transitioning into the Metaverse. We will also buy land in the Sandbox Metaverse.


Future expansions + Play2Earn game

We will generate future expansions including the second plumpkin generation & develop our own Play2Earn game using $Pie as our crypto currency



We will be opening our own merchandise store and will be giving away 50 pieces of Plumpkin merchandise with your own Plumpkin NFT.


Partnering + publishing our game

We will be partnering with other NFT brands. All money will go to a charity chosen by the community. Our own game is now live, start earning your $Pie.












Once the sold out occurs, we will deploy the second generation Plumpkin collection not long after. Every Plumpkin holder can mint labaratorium potions for free. These potions can be burned to gain a mutated Plumpkin special. The mutated Plumpkins have special abillities that can be used in-game. Examples are increased regeneration rate of character statistics or an increase of base statistics.

Sneak peeks


Plumpkin is a collection of 10.000 unique NFT's randomly generated from over 60 possible traits. The Plumpkins are stored as an ERC721 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

What is a NFT?

NFT stands for “Non-fungible token” and is a cool way of saying it is a truly unique digital item that YOU can buy, own, and trade.

What is Metamask?

Metamask is a crypto-wallet that can store your Ethereum, and is needed to purchase and mint a Plumpkin. Having a wallet gives you an Ethereum address (i.e. 0xPLUMP….123), this is where your NFT will be stored. Learn more about Metamask and how easy it is to use over here!

What is the mint price of a Plumpkin?

A Plumpkin can be minted at a price of 0.025 ETH.

How many Plumpkins can I mint?

A total of 10 Plumpkin NFT's can be minted per transaction.

What are gas fees?

Gas fees are payments made by users to compensate for the computing energy required to process and validate transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. Each transaction requires this kind of payment.

How do I get in?

Join our Discord or Twitter account and jump in on the conversation & share your ideas!